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Beach Bound With A Blogger

I made an interesting observation during my travels last weekend through Craven and Carteret County, and that is the flux of the Greenville talent that is now playing along the Crystal Coast.

That was cool to note, and it got me thinking about the why. In my opinion, there are several reasons. The first is the simple rule, “If you build it, they will come.” My friend Mike says this to me about this blog. Greenville and Washington, NC, have so many fantastic music supporters, and it is through their efforts and work that word about the players on the scene is easy for a club owner or a blogger like me to find.

From Jeff Blinder and all of his years of Spazz Presents in Pitt County to Wally Peterson and his Wally Palooza II (see full lineup above) supporting events for great gatherings for their communities in Pitt and Beaufort Counties.

Then, where does that community of supporters go for quick getaways? Our Crystal Coast, quite frequently. They love to see their people when they go away because one thing for sure is that people love familiar things, especially when they are not in their familiar surroundings. Music brings many people comfort, so there is all that at work, but club owners extend their efforts to the beach and call in their troops to perform.

Case in point: Greenville’s Buccaneer Music Hall expanded their presence in Atlantic Beach when they took the wheel at the first N.C. bar I ever stepped foot in while on vacation here for the first time in 2004. BT’s is now Beach Tavern Bar and Grill, located on the left on Highway 58 in Atlantic Beach. The new shift change has been significant for the music scene along the beach because their acts are being showcased and getting all the good vibes.

I love that this is happening. I remember when the New Bern scene rolled out to the beach with me, and many of the players from that scene made trips to New Bern. Everyone was well promoted, making it worth the journey and expense. I started bringing bands from the coast to town and vice versa in 2016. Promotions and marketing help push the word out, and in time, it catches on! I am grateful to watch all our live music communities around this state as they flourish and grow. It’s my mission to connect us all so that the general public stays informed about the music around them. So, thank you for being here!

Now that I’ve got you all worked up about going to the beach, let’s roll.


On my way to the beach for some Friday Night Music Fun, I stopped by one of my favorite places to see music when traveling through the area, Carolina Home and Garden, to see 4EverAll. The Carteret County band has entertained the locals since Chris and Allie Whitaker started collaborating during their first and most memorable mountain vacation. They wrote songs, and on the six-hour journey home, they came up with the name. That was in 2008. They are a fun and beautiful couple who enjoy sharing songs from their souls.

When I contacted Allie to learn more about the couple and their music project, I was not entirely shocked to learn that, in the middle of it all, "They like each other!" I first caught the duo twice at The Dockside in Beaufort over the Summer of 2016. I instantly noticed their love and chemistry when I first saw them. They do not only have great harmonies, but they write beautiful music.

They have released two albums and look forward to working on more songs soon. Their debut release, "Live at Low Tide," resulted from their first mountain retreat, when the couple went away and found their passions for life and a name for it all. The follow-up release, "October Love," resulted from returning to where they found their magic. Allie told me, "Chris proposed to me at the top of Hanging Rock. I told him I would marry him if he promised to 'take this mountain girl to the mountains at least twice a year,' a promise he happily keeps."

When I contacted Allie to ask about their history, the thing I loved about her reply was how she is still her husband's biggest fan. She said, "Chris could play every night if you asked him to; he is truly amazing—playing guitar, all the barefoot pedal work, vocals, and kick drum—even pulling out the harmonica occasionally! I tell everyone I just ‘show up’ for the shows—he’s the real superstar." She feels truly blessed by their union and is honored that their friends and fans support their efforts. They were voted best local band last year and could not believe that fans picked them again this year. It melts her heart, she confessed. She said they cut back on their playing schedule because, for her, it's challenging teaching all day and playing at night. The singer-songwriter is also an art teacher, and her husband is a full-time sales rep for a distributor.

The couple, now empty nesters, have raised five children and managed to build their careers and find their passions for each other and life over the years. They love spending their downtime together and sharing in gardening, cooking, traveling, eating, and music. With the summer season upon us, Allie mentions, "We look forward to doing anything and everything together. Chris is my everything, and he shows me every day that I am his."

Coming up quickly is their performance on stage at the Harry C. Pugliese, Jr. Pavillion in Swansboro, NC, for SwanFest on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 16, 2024. The couple will accompany Andy Allen on bass, Robbie Wells on drums, and Will Baker on lead guitar for that show. The music starts at 6:30. Pack a few chairs and relax with Dad.


The Original Greenville Music Promoter

Since I walked into this piece talking about the Greenville music scene making its presence more known along the Crystal Coast, I thought about it and noted to myself that the only band I would see, years ago, on the regular down at our beaches was Built for Comfort. The four-piece rock blues ensemble is based in Greenville and managed by drummer Joe Tronto, one of the most talented music promoters in the business.

Born and raised in New York, Tronto has been calling NC home for a long time and is a lifer in the music business. He has worked in all aspects of the industry, from sound and lighting production to club ownership and talent scouting. His greatest passion, however, is playing music. Tronto put the drumsticks down for years after he purchased The Attic Night Club in 1990.

His old bandmate and friend, Spain, rekindled Joe's passion for playing by setting the stage for Tronto to pull out his drums and play them again. I have always enjoyed the beats of this band. Tapping into the roots of our famous rock and combining it with more historical blues, they are a fun and upbeat quartet. Joining Tronto and Spain are Al Carrol on bass, and Bill Henneke offers supporting vocals and harmonica. He also plays the washboard like a pro.

It was worth mentioning because the band will play at Beach Tavern from 10:00 PM to 1:30 AM tonight and will be on stage at SwanFest tomorrow with tunes starting at 6:30 PM.

Seaside Music Council does an excellent job hosting this event. They count on sponsors and public donations to make it all come together. So, if you venture out, bring a little extra cash to help them with all the little extras they do for their community. You can also buy merchandise that contributes to funding this mission.


Over the Bridge And Into The Fog We Go

The Raleigh-based pickers, Into the Fog, brought their brand of jamgrass to the Crystal Coast on Friday, May 31, 2024, when they turned up at Gaffer's in Emerald Isle. The band gained a lot of recognition more recently after they won the 2021 Merle Fest Band Competition, but given their humble beginnings of winning competitions, it seems competing has always been essential to driving this band's success.

When I checked out the band's site, I found the YouTube story of how the band came to be. Introduced as Band #7, check out their documentary on their roots, The Ride to Telluride

Winston Mitchell, mandolin; Derek Lane, bass; and the newest cast member, Connor Koslosky, guitar, were holding down the jams. All offer vocals, making you dance when they come together to play music. I have always enjoyed this band and have been stopping in on them all over the state since 2019. Over the years, I have seen them perform on stages in Raleigh, Wilmington, Oriental, and Emerald Isle.

They play in many formations. I have seen them as a trio, quartet, and sextet sensation. They have plenty of great songs to offer, and I recommend you show them some love and support by checking out their website, Into The Fog; while there, you can buy their music, find a show, and sign up for the latest news.

For those hanging around the EI area tonight and looking for some live music, attentive service, and good food, stop by Gaffer's tonight and enjoy music by Dead Man's Hand. The tunes start at 6:30 PM.


Lonnie Britton Brings Outlaw Shit to Homer's Point Marina

Performing in a no-wake zone can be a challenge for an outlaw. There is nothing slow about the stringer from Greenville, Lonnie Britton, who offers many known rock, country, and southern rock selections. I started noticing him about two years ago, in July 2022, after he got up at one of Adam Hill's shows. I included a small clip of when I first heard his voice below:

Fast-forward 22 months, and I finally caught the singer-songwriter at his own show. Over the years, he has logged miles and hours with bands but works primarily on his solo act today. Not long ago, he did a studio project with Greenville's Morgan Hudson at Nash Studios, and the duo has a couple of shows coming up at the end of the month that will feature their original music. The first will be on Thursday, June 27, 2024, at Nash. They will share songs from 8-10 pm. Then, they head to the outer banks to perform on Corolla Beach on Sunday, June 30, 2024, at Whalehead Brewery for an afternoon of music from 1-4 PM.

I will also note that they both perform at WallyPalooza II, where we started this story. Please see the flyer above to see all the artists and times

Those looking to rock out to the outlaw sooner can catch up with him tomorrow at King Mackerels Bar & Bistro. The music starts at 9 PM; he will rock you straight into Monday,12 AM.


A Glance at The Calendar

One of the features I like about this site is the calendar of events, which I have placed in the footer. I use Facebook and email invitations to build this calendar. I click interested on the Facebook event and then add it to my Google Calendar. Sometimes, I create events based on emails from various groups. Depending upon the location of the event will depend on the color it is assigned. RED events are located in New Bern, NC. BLUE events are located along the Crystal Coast and throughout the plains region of North Carolina. YELLOW events highlight the Piedmont Region. That is also where many big cities, including Raliegh, Durham, and Charlotte, are located. The GRAY area covers the westernmost regions of the state.

I welcome all bands and venues throughout the state to share their events with me on Facebook, You may also send your info to my email,

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed your time here, please subscribe for more music updates.


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