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Bouncing to Beats Around Town and Along the Coast Plus Palooza Weekend Ahead

Red Rooster Music Pavilion Hosts the 11th Annual SilosPaLooZa on Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Silos Restaurant will host their 11th Annual Silospalooza Music Festival this weekend, this Saturday, June 22, 2024, in their backyard at the Red Rooster Music Pavilion. Gates open at 2 PM, music starts at 3 PM. All are welcome to bring chairs, blankets, bug repellant, and sunblock, but please leave coolers and pets at home.

This is also the day of their annual pizza-eating contest. Hungry participants battle it out for prizes. All are welcome to compete. Just sign up after you arrive.

Lua Flora headlines this yearly event featuring North Carolina music makers. The beachy folk band hails from Asheville, NC, and will take the stage at 7 p.m. on Saturday. I caught the trio the other night in Greensboro and loved every minute of their show. O'Town is in for a great treat!

Joining the opening act for several songs will be famed studio drummer Bernard Purdue. Don't miss him laying down the beats with the Orange County-based folk fellas, The Stagger Brothers. Bringing the classic rock vibes to the stage will be Carteret County’s own Heart Stop. Pamlico County's Southern Hellcats is closing the music and food fun day.


Keeping the Beats Around Town Friday Night

I caught a few songs by the Duzans Duo last Friday night when I stopped by The Brown Pelican. They opened the night of music, sharing some popular songs we know and some original jams too. I captured one of Charlie's songs, "Take Me Back to New Bern."

Seeing the duo was great; it was even better to hear them. The father who influenced a son and a son who inspired his father makes for a sweet story on Father's Day weekend. And that is the tale of these two players. Charlie gave Tommy the music bug, and once he started to take it to town, Charlie came out of the house and did the same. They played their first show together for me in November 2018 and have been hitting the scene hard since.

Tommy Duzan plays solo from here to the beach while his father, Charlie, does a lot of music work around town. You can join him each Tuesday for his Jam Sessions at The Brown Pelican. All are welcome to share songs, and they will have the room set up to record your jams.


Righteous Roots Music Rolled Through Town Friday

I dropped by BrUtopia Brewing Co. Friday night to check out Righteous Roots Music. When I caught him, guitarist and singer Tom Leighton was playing as a solo act. He hails from Richmond, VA, these days but has called NC home at other times in his life. He blends the island vibes of reggae and puts them on display to groove others. Playing up and down the eastern seaboard, primarily solo, you can catch him several times this weekend. Tonight, Leighton will be grooving the folks in Wilmington Music, which starts at 5 PM. Righteous Roots @ Coquina Fishbar (Solo), and you can find him in Beaufort, NC on Sunday. Righteous Roots @ Cru Wine Bar (Solo).


Ryan Rubich Returns to Town

It is always nice to find good friends around town. On Friday night, I found a dear one at Pinky's The Pub Upstairs, where the talented singer-songwriter Ryan Rubich was shredding.

I first met Ryan Rubich in the Summer of 2018 at an open mic night in Atlantic Beach. Tiffany Elaine hosted the event, and on that night, I made the acquaintance of Rubich and his friend Jared Cain. I met them both when they were somewhat bored with the doldrums of life and set out to conquer their despair with music. A few weeks later, I would meet with Rubich to discuss breaking onto the scene here in NC. I assured him that if he set out to do it, this place would love it.

Backing my words, I booked Rubich and Cain for several events here in New Bern. Before long, they were playing on the regular. The duo eventually went their separate ways but remained friends til the end. Sadly, we lost Cain in 2022. That was a soul-shifting event for Rubich. One that left him feeling vulnerable and lost for a little while.

This music business will eat you up and spit you out if you let it, but Rubich refuses to give in to the pressures. Since he set out to make his name known along the NC circuit, he has built a band and a brand and stays busy 250 days a year, offering music to fans solo or with the whole band. According to the bio on Spotify, "From a young age, Ryan has always been passionate about music. At age 16, he taught guitar to 25 students a week before studying jazz at Lone Star College in Houston. It was there in Texas that he began hitting the strip, gigging nightly and establishing himself in the rich music scene of Austin for the next four years. Ryan is also no stranger to struggle. His journey has brought him many ups and downs, from living in his car on the street to four years spent running from the law. Ryan’s unique story of hardship and redemption has made his passion crystal clear through his music."

For those looking for his jams, head to Beaufort tonight. He will share tunes at Tapping The Admiral Rum Bar on Front St from 6 to 9 p.m.


E Squared Debuts at Blackbeards

The last band I found on Friday night was E Squared, who debuted at Blackbeards Triple Play. The refreshing part about this band is the duo at the helm of this operation. Evan and Erica Goudey play music with a seasoned rhythm section that gels with style.

Lead vocals and keyboardist Erica has a sweet voice that helps take you into their songs. She and her husband worked together as a duo before forming a band. Now, they stay busy gigging on weekends, making memories, and conquering goals as they go. The last time I spoke about the band, they said it was a goal to play Blackbeards; now that they have a check in that box, the band is still hoping to rock the E-Club in Emerald Isle one day.

Mike Ferrara and Eric Pittman are familiar bandmates who have shared stages with other projects over the years. They are holding things down in the pocket.

Tonight, the rock quartet will be rocking Gaffer's in Emerald Isle. The music will start at 7 pm, and the band will play until 10 pm.


The Blueberry Boogie

Last Saturday was the Annual Bridgeton Blueberry Festival, a good time for friends and families. They had a car show, a dunk tank, many local vendors, a beer garden, live music throughout the day and a blueberry bake-off.

The event was a great success thanks to the hard-working folks of BIC—Bridgeton Improvement Committee. They organized the sponsors and vendors, hired the bands, and promoted the event throughout the Winter season. As you can see below, their dedication paid off.

While I was there, I got to rock to some Southern Hellcats. They opened the show with a fun set of swinging sounds. The band is based out of Pamlico County and has a busy Summer music season with several festivals on the books. As noted above, the band will close out the SilosPalooza Music Festival 2024 at the Red Rooster Music Pavilion tomorrow evening. They take the stage at 9 PM and rock you until closing time.


Beach Bound Baby

I love meeting up with our hometown players, many miles from where we call home. On Sunday afternoon, I found Big Sam & Company sharing songs with fans and new friends in Atlantic Beach. It was a warm, sunny Father's Day when I saw Sam sharing the stage with a young attendee. She made her poppa proud when she joined Sam on stage to sing at The Idlehour Biergarten.

Watching Lewis in a setting like this always makes me smile. He is a music educator and is excellent at making kids feel comfortable with music. He is very encouraging and supportive of young talent. He uses music therapy to help people heal and music education to help them grow.

For friends and fans looking for Big Sam & Company, here is where you can find him this weekend:


Singer-Songwriter William Seymour Live at Gaffer's

I have been watching William Seymour share his songs since I first saw him in Greenville in 2019. Based out of Roanoke, VA, he attended school in Greenville and made a mark on the local scene there. He is a talented musician who splits his time between playing bass for Caitlin Krisko and The Broadcast and writing and playing songs of his own accord. I have seen him with a band on several occasions over the years, and a couple of times, I enjoyed his solo act. Sunday, the singer offered many familiar songs mixed in with his own songs. I would recommend checking out his music and a show soon. He has three releases available to fans. His last release, Ride Along was released in 2022 and features some of my favorites by the artist.


Justin Castellano Live at Willy Nilly Factory

Justin Castellano is one of the first players I met through Big Jim Kohler. We met long before I thought of blogging about music, but once I had that idea, Castellano was a regular feature. It's been several years since I saw the talented stringer shred some songs. He plays to his crowd, offering fun sing-along songs and happy tunes that make you sway and groove to his beats. I caught him at The Willy-Nilly Warehouse in Swansboro last weekend, playing to a crowd on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Since I last covered the local Carteret County guitar player, he was recognized for his talents in 2020. Justin Castellano has recently been recognized by Guitar World, Guitar Player Magazine, and MusicRadar . Not surprising to learn he was noticed as One of the Top Acoustic Guitarists in the World! Check out the pretty song that helped him earn such recognition as one of the best.

For friends and fans looking to enjoy his jams, Castellano will be at

Floyd's 1921 Restaurant, Bar & Catering, 400 Bridges St, Morehead City. He plays songs from 7 to 10 pm tonight. Tomorrow, you can catch him at On The Rocks in Atlantic Beach. Music will be played from 7:30 to 10:30 pm.


Time To Palooza People The Wally Way

If you are looking to support local live music this weekend, Wally Peterson has your back. A fantastic event is taking place all weekend in Washington, NC, at High Water Social—Social Club.

I caught up with the guitarist on Tuesday this week to learn more about his event. Here are the details that you might need to know.


The Calendar at a Glance

One of the features I like about this site is the calendar of events, which I have placed in the footer. I use Facebook and email invitations to build this calendar. I click interested on the Facebook event and then add it to my Google Calendar. Sometimes, I create events based on emails from various groups. Depending upon the location of the event will depend on the color it is assigned. RED events are located in New Bern, NC. BLUE events are located along the Crystal Coast and throughout the plains region of North Carolina. YELLOW events highlight the Piedmont Region. That is also where many big cities, including Raliegh, Durham, and Charlotte, are located. The GRAY area covers the westernmost regions of the state.

I welcome all bands and venues throughout the state to share their events with me on Facebook, You may also send your info to my email,

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed your time here, please subscribe for more music updates.


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